Mentor Program

The Council of the Association of Professional Engineers of Nova Scotia created a formal Mentor Program through By-Law 13(A) in 1983.  [Refer to page 7 of the ByLaws at the back of the Nova Scotia Engineeing Profession Act].  Through the program, an Engineer-in-Training (EIT) is required to establish a relationship with a mentor approved by Engineers Nova Scotia.   The mentor assists the EIT in gaining the experience needed to qualify as a professional engineer.  The mentor monitors the EIT's progress, assesses their experience, and provides regular feedback to both the EIT and Engineers Nova Scotia during this training period.  The mentor also becomes the liaison between the EIT and the Board of Examiners.


Information about the Mentor Program

 Mentor Program Guidelines 

Mentorship Summary

Mentor Approval Request Form


Mentor Forms

Mentor's First Report

Mentor's Interim Report

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Mentor's Pre-Grad Interim Report